OVERVIEW Ragnarok Tactics

Experience a Brand New Ragnarok!
Monsters of Ragnarok returns as Heroes and Allies!
Collect over 100 different kinds of Ragnarok monsters and enjoy customized battles!

Experience the characters and monsters of Ragnarok recreated in 3D.
The unique Ragnarok atmosphere upgraded from 2D to 3D!

▶Ragnarok returns as monsters!
The nostalgic monsters of Ragnarok are under your command!
The more you commune with your monsters, the greater your army becomes!
Evolve and upgrade your monsters and make them into more dependable allies.
Enjoy your adventure with cute, reliable, and favorite monsters!

▶Immerse in a new diverse strategic battle system!
Experience all kinds of battle systems including Adventures, Challenges, Arenas,
and Summoners League.
Obtain various achievements and master new combat modes to challenge your adventure.

▶"Summoners League," a real-time PvP system
Experience real-time PvP battles with "Summoners League" twice a day!
Dominate other summoners your powerful army of monsters and your tactics!

▶Hunt MVP monsters with your friends!
It's dangerous to hunt MVP monster alone!
Gain assistance from your friends to help defeat
MVP monsters for awesome rewards!

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