OVERVIEW Go Ragnarok

■ More detailed art upgrades!
Background, characters, and monsters from the original Ragnarok Online have been revamped!
New visual effects added! Enhanced and more elaborate graphics in high resolution!

■ Let's go on an adventure through the vast worlds of Ragnarok!
Boundless worlds are now yours to explore!
Feel the excitement by challenging other players in the field!

■ New ways to play! Raise 5 characters at once!
Experience the joy of leveling five dear characters of your own! Endless combinations of unique classes!
Choose your job freely, and enjoy the freedom of skill selection, stats distribution, and job changes!
Create a unique custom party with your own creative combination!

■ Ragnarok is all about fashion! Create your own stylish avatar!
More than 100 styles are available to choose from!
Don't miss out on headgears, wings and other costumes that stay true to the original!

■ It's as cool as it gets! Mounts, pets, homunculi are available to collect!
Adorable and dashing pets and homunculi! Complete your collection to obtain that extra edge in battle!

■ Numerous content that will keep you coming back for more!
Various PVP and PVE systems including field bosses!
Endless content will keep you busy for days on end!
Play with your friends through the available Social mode!

■ Enjoy freely trading your items in this Ragnarok game!
The flower of MMORPGs! Trade your looted treasures with your friends
freely through the auction house system!

Service-supported country...

South Korea

FEATURES New ways to play!