The popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online
comes to mobile as Ragnarok Origin!
Become the hero of an epic adventure
set in a fantastic open-world environment!
Immerse yourself in a vast fantasy world
full of mysterious monsters and epic characters.
Explore massive landscapes, legendary kingdoms, and mythical dungeons
in this open-world role-playing game!

Welcome to the Ragnarok: Labyrinth!

The epic game added maze dungeons to be more interesting!
Let’s join the exciting adventure!

● Defeat MVP monsters with your control!
● Call your friends and share your characters!
● Explore unique maze dungeons!
● Iconic costumes and gears!
● Trade your goods with people!

Officially licensed by Gravity Korea,
a continuation on the classic,
the 3D MMORPG mobile game
Ragnarok X: Next Generation is ready to set sail.
Dear adventurers, start a new generation of adventure!

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories,
the follow-up to Ragnarok Online is finally here!
Bring back all the nostalgia
and classic game experience to you.
You can now enjoy
the Cinematic Newtro RPG experience
on your mobile device!

Ragnarok Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online experience that
promotes a healthy, nonviolent and nonsexual game culture.
Ragnarok Online has gained tremendous popularity among gamers
due to its excellent community system and attractive character designs.

Today, Ragnarok Online is recognized as a global standard
in the MMO genre across 80 countries worldwide; countries included in
Europe, North America, and Africa. Ragnarok Online brings
the world together under a single online game.

Ragnarok M:
Eternal Love reignites the love and feel of Ragnarok Online
Reignite your passion with Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Relive your memories
We invite you to the world Midgard,
a place where imagination becomes reality.

A world with diverse adventures that will
satisfy an adventurer’s curiosity!
Let’s start a real adventure with Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

The best strategy game to enjoy with Ragnarok characters!

Summon over 60 iconic monsters
Epic battles with countless strategical possibilities

Treasure Hunting System
Adventure with your friends for a chance to gain
various items from the MVP bosses

Guild War battle for supremacy in the war

My Ragnarok never stops!
Brand new Ragnarok is back in idle RPG style!
Poring’s revenge starts in Midgard!

Original Ragnarok Online’s world view and variety of
contents are fully inherited. Diversified job, job change, rebirth
and 100 different exceptional skills available in-game feature.
Rejoice the memory of Ragnarok Online
and confront the newest content.

New visual effects added! Enhanced and
more elaborate graphics in high resolution!
Background, characters, and monsters from
the original Ragnarok Online have been revamped!

Let's go on an adventure through the vast worlds of Ragnarok!
Boundless worlds are now yours to explore!
Feel the excitement by challenging other players in the field!

New ways to play! Raise 5 characters at once!

Ragnarok Zero is Gravity’s latest take on presenting a new
and upgraded game style to Ragnarok Online.

Containing new features, character balance, improvements to their UI,
command settings, and enhanced new user experience,
the game’s evolution overwhelms the users
with exciting new gameplay and fun.