OVERVIEW Ragnarok ClickH5

■ Brand New Click Action RPG
Easy accessibility for anyone to enjoy!
Enjoy sense of hitting with click action and auto attack!

■ Easy to play! All you need is a finger! CLICK!
The easiest control in the world! CLICK!
Click makes you stronger! CLICK!
Using skills and Pharming with a finger! CLICK!

■ Collect Heroes of Ragnarok who need your hand!
Meet the various heroes!
Level up a lot of heroes at once!

■ Into the Ragnarok Universe!
Feel the nostalgia for Ragnarok!
Let's fight the monsters on the stage of memory!

■ Strike up a strong friendship with various social contents!
Play Ragnarok so that our friendship gets deeper !
Enjoy Raid and Tournaments with your guild members!
Enjoy chat system with cute emoji as well!

Service-supported countries...

Being launched worldwide, except China and Japan.

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